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Our Environmental Policy

Dağlı Trading is committed to protecting the local and global environment. To minimize environmental impacts of our activities, products and services, we shall:

  • Comply with applicable local legal requirements and international environmental standards

  • Advance our environmental management system on a continual basis

  • Minimize our waste, prevent pollution at its source and reduce any negative environmental impact of our activities

  • Define risks for environmental emergencies and take necessary actions to avoid these risks

  • Spread the principals of environmentalism among all our stakeholders, within our country and globally

  • Organize internal training activities to create environmental awareness among our staff

  • Reduce the use of packaging materials, use recyclable packaging, and recycle packaging

  • Ensure that energy and resources are used efficiently, and improve our energy performance overall


All present and new staff are trained and educated about our Environmental Policy and they are encouraged to support this policy's application, sustainability and advancement. Dağlı Trading is committed to do act responsibly by applying and improving its Environmental Policy, to help create a cleaner and more livable environment for our children.


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